BlueTex Insulation for Metal Buildings

BlueTex Insulation
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BlueTex™ Supreme is a tearproof and durable 6mm XPE combined with 99% reflective aluminum foil to REFLECT radiant heat and provide MAXIMUM moisture prevention in metal buildings, barns, sheds, garages, shops, etc. Roll size: 300 sq ft each (4' x 75'), 16" in diameter and comes in foil/foil style or foil/white style, we also offer the matching tape for sale. Fast and free shipping in the contiguous USA.

Builders, brokers, and contractors discounts available.
Edward Fritz
308 East FM 1830 Suite 5B
Argyle TX 76226
United States
BlueTex Insulation Edward Fritz
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BlueTex™ Insulation is primarily intended for non-conditioned (buildings with no A/C or heat) or semi-conditioned (occasional or minimal heating and/or cooling) buildings. This premium product combines radiant barrier foil and foam in one product used to block radiant heat and stop moisture in metal buildings!

Great for both new and existing metal building construction.