Angled Gables in Marquis Orange  Brighten Up School’s Façade
4/1/2020 Jessica Franchuk
More than 18,000 square feet of Petersen’s Tite-Loc Plus roof panels in distinct Marquis Orange emphasize the angled gables topping the Greater Latrobe School District’s new Latrobe Elementary School.
Metal Roof Tops Asphalt for This Homeowner
4/1/2020 Jessica Franchuk
In addition to this standing seam roof system’s unique and attractive look, it has hidden fasteners that help eliminate the chance of roof leaks down the road.
Renovation Breathes New Life into Pennsylvania Barn
4/1/2020 Jessica Franchuk
This barn was renovated at the skillful hands of Kings Construction, New Holland, Pennsylvania. The work included restoring the foundation and timbers, re-siding the barn with cedar, and re-roofing.