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The Bradbury Group offers quality roll forming equipment to manufacturers with different manufacturing needs and production levels. Machines can be designed for startup companies, mid-sized production companies, and some of the highest volume level manufacturers that often need more throughput and automation.

Customers have multiple models to choose from: Single High, Double High®, Rafted®, Double Wide and even Double-High Double-Wide mills for a choice of 4 profiles at the push of a button. Precut, post cut, flying shears or stop to cut roll forming lines are options from the Bradbury Group to fit all investments levels and production requirements. Bradbury Group lines can also incorporate notching, punching, in-line sealant, and swaging in a complete “on-the-fly” system. The Double High® roll former features upper and lower pass lines of tooling that can be individually fed to form different profiles by raising or lowering an entry conveyor. Bradbury Rafted® roll formers have stands, shafts, and tooling mounted on removable subplates so that complete sets of tooling can be easily exchanged. The flying BOSS™ Shear supplies accuracy of +/- 1/16" and throughput speeds up to 300 FPM to complement all of Bradbury’s high-performance panel lines. Stacking options can be fitted to these line configurations to end justify panels or pyramid stack if required.

All Bradbury Group machines come with Beck Automation Controls from Beck Automation, also a Bradbury Group company. Beck Automation offers software packages that can connect office to the shop to manage orders and production. Dashboards and KPI screens can be displayed for management and operators to view real time performance and production trends.

Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions (BMTRS) is providing the North American market with a range of options that enable customers to manufacture and sell their own tile designs in a market that offers lucrative growth opportunities. BMTRS specializes in designing and building customized manufacturing equipment for unique metal tile design and production requirements.

Our flagship BMTRS metal tile production line can manufacture multiple exposed and hidden fasten metal tile design profiles and ridge cap profiles. Line Features include: Small factory footprint, Interchangeable tooling - One production line, 6 different tooling profiles, Fully enclosed safety fencing - Operators work outside fenced areas, Fully automatic production - BECK Controls, and Low labor cost.

If you are looking for an entry level investment with lower capital cost to start manufacturing metal roofing tiles, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you regarding your options. Buying customized Bradbury die sets and partnering with a contract manufacturer to control and produce your own tile profiles is an alternative solution. Once your sales grow, we can supply a complete production line that your die sets fit straight into.
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1200 E Cole
Moundridge KS 67107
United States
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The Bradbury Group has the complete panel line solution for all production and budget requirements. Configurations include precut, post cut, Single High, Double High®, and Rafted® roll formers with flying or stop-to-cut shears. The Bradbury BOSS™ Series is a state-of-the-art roll former and closed-loop servo shear with speeds up to 300 fpm and accuracy of 1/16”. The BOSS™ can be close coupled to a new or existing roll former.